Talking about Hope

Hope comes in many forms but it is hope we seek and hope we find here.

Let us know how you discovered hope, your story might lead another, lost in fear and despair to find hope.

If you are seeking hope, tell us and sharing your search, your questions on hope may bring you the hope you are seeking. Sometimes what we think we do not have or have lost is never really any further than your heart, hidden but always there. Let us help you find it.

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  1. jesichashope

    When someone believes and understands the will of life, of being who we are, and the ties to the ultimate YOU; healing can be found in many ways. While not everyone receives the healing consciously believed, the healing does occur as it should, as the will of the spirit and the will of God (whatever God you call God).
    Reading stories of how others seek healing, understand their cancer and most of all over come their cancer are most worthy to explore. It is in these stories one of you will find the hope you are seeking and that is our purpose.

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