Sharing the stories HOPE

Sharing is special when you help others in doing so. Here we will share the stories of true HOPE and find a new understand of living.

Add your story in the comment section, share it with others, everyone’s story is important.  When we hear the words of others it brings us a sense of understanding the circumstances that brings us here. Your words could truly help another arriving here to discover hope, to make sense of the turmoil cancer has brought to them. Know what you say here is a way of you reaching out and touching another person’s heart.

Be forever hopeful, each day of hope brings you another day of joy; from here to the here after, hope goes with us.

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  1. Vera Lopez

    Please share my website with your readers: Hyperthermia Thanks.
    Your website is beautiful.
    Vera Lopez, RN, BS, CCP

    1. jesichashope

      For those that want to just follow the site please go here:
      Thank you Vera for sharing the link, this site is truly an open door to hope. When you have an opportunity please email me so we can further discuss your work.
      Post testimonies here so others may further understand and know what to expect.
      Jesicha’s Hope is all about opening doors and sharing hope.

  2. Vera Lopez

    I will and thanks ffor giving me this opportunty. This has been a difficult road for me in just trying to give patients HOPE. I will email you some testimonials. My procedure has been proven to be effective as a treament in fighting cancer.

    Vera Lopez

  3. Sheryl Malin

    I am writing this piece for it is the most important step to keep you alive. Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. The key word is nutritional and in today’s world we have taken most of it out of our foods. Since a year and ½ ago I have made it my second highest importance to educate and spread the importance of how food relates to our living or dying. The saying you are what you eat, is so true. Check out the article.

    1. jesichashope

      Thank you Sheryl for your contribution, you are so very right about food and life. People today are so centered on taste and the delight of what they eat they fail to realize the food is what keeps us alive and healthy. What we consume mostly contributes to our ill health and disease. Food, true food does not need be boring or tasteless, in fact, good food is easy to prepare, and it costs less to eat right than to eat wrong. Next time your out, look at the price per pound for processed food, then look at the price per pound for organic whole foods, Surprise!
      We will soon be putting up a page on Jesicha’s Hope to encourgage good diets, facts on foods, and recipes. Meals in minutes that helps keep your body disease free. How to stir fry with steam, keeping everything fresh and full of nutrients, colors are bright and your plates look beautiful.
      The link you gave will be posted on our site for easy reference. Without educating people on how to stay healthy or become healthy, that;s starting with food; we cannot make a difference, Thanks again.

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